Holly Bobisuthi


The Longship Necklace

Anyone who has taken a drawing class has been told that the negative space is just as important as the solid, black lines they etch onto the paper.  The pieces in Holly Bobisuthi’s jewelry line suspend from the ear of the wearer, lay over the collarbone, and float almost like halos on the crown.  The shapes are drawn with metal, allowing what is seen between each line to become a canvas.

The Fortnight Necklace & Lover’s Eye Hairpin

Bobisuthi’s primitive renderings are of natural phenomena and ancient wards.  The Fortnight Necklace tells the story of the phases of the moon; the Sunspot earrings capture the temporary bursts of energy in petal shapes emitting from a ring.  In her collections, there are also many eyes (the Evil Eye—to protect the wearer from black magic).  The Longship Statement Necklace, created in the Bobisuthi’s simplistic style, possesses drama not only because of it’s size.  The necklace also offers movement and sound to represent a Viking longship and it’s many oars sailing in the sea.

See more of her work and peruse the shop at HollyBobisuthi.com

images from Pinterest